Reaping Testosterone Benefits for Your Workout and Beyond

Reaping Testosterone Benefits for Your Workout and Beyond

Athletes often choose to supplement with synthetic versions of natural hormones. The testosterone benefits they enjoy are numerous, too. In fact, testosterone not only boosts your overall energy level, but it jumps into action during your workouts to repair torn muscle fibers and provide bulk. The fact that it does all of this without undesirable side effects – when used responsibly – makes it the most popular performance enhancer in the world.

It Boosts Your Libido

When you use testosterone as a base for other anabolic steroids, whether you prefer things like Deca Durabolin, Trenbolone, Dianabol, or even Clenbuterol, it helps to boost your libido. Anabolic steroids often kill your sex drive because they essentially take the place of the natural hormones designed to give you that desire. As such, it is important to combine testosterone with your steroid cycles in order to boost your libido. 

It Gives You Energy

One of the best testosterone benefits is the ability for this compound to provide you major bursts of energy, but this depends on the type of the hormone you use. For example, testosterone cypionate and testosterone enanthate offer a large ester, which means they have a long half-life. They tend to come on slowly and last a very long time, so while you may not experience a "rush", you will notice more energy over time. Conversely, testosterone propionate comes on quickly and has a half-life of only 48 hours, so it is most popular among athletes who want instant bursts of energy prior to workouts. Finally, testosterone enanthate is barely noticeable, so it is best for you if you prefer milder supplements.

It Balances Your Hormones

Anabolic steroids bind to the same proteins in your body, called albumin and globulin, as naturally produced testosterone does. When the proteins are "full", they tell your pituitary gland that they do not need any more testosterone. Then, the pituitary gland signals the testicles to tell them to stop making it. When your body stops producing natural testosterone altogether, you may experience symptoms like testicular atrophy and fatigue. Fortunately, one of the major testosterone benefits is its ability to help reverse those symptoms when used as post-cycle therapy.

It Builds Muscle

Lastly, and what many athletes consider to be the most important of all of the testosterone benefits, it builds muscle. The proteins albumin and globulin carry testosterone all around the body. When you work out, the proteins drop off some of the testosterone at the muscle site to help rebuild and repair torn muscle fibers. As the hormone works its magic and binds the strands of muscle tissue back together, they become thicker and stronger over time. This is why testosterone is such a popular bulking agent; it has the potential to add tens of pounds of muscle in a single cycle – even with responsible use.

As you can see, testosterone benefits are far reaching and athletes all over the world continue to make it the base of all of their steroid cycles. Not only does it add muscle, but it also helps keep you healthy and boosts your libido all at the same time.

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Disclaimer: The products advertised on this website contain highly potent ingredients designed to drastically change body composition. All products are 100% legal steroid alternatives.

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