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Build Muscle

Our testosterone formula is the most powerful on the market and coupled with it's nitrogen retention and protein synthesis boosting properties, results in massive gains in lean muscle.

Boost Stamina

Increased blood flow results in more oxygen reaching the muscles. This leads to more stamina, a stronger pump and quicker recovery after workouts. Also improves sex drive and mood.

Melt Away Fat

Having a higher testosterone level makes it easier to burn stubborn visceral and subcutaneous fat. This makes Testosterone the ideal compound for cutting and bulking.

“Testosterone is absolutely vital to the health of both men and women. One of the first things I get my clients to do when they start a program is get their blood work done to check their testosterone levels. If they're below normal, I put them on Testo-Max!"

Adam Burke
Gym Owner

Learn More About Testosterone

Athletes use four different types of testosterone during their anabolic steroid cycles for bulking, energy, and maintaining their natural levels of this all-important hormone. When you buy testosterone for sale, it is important to know which type works best for your needs in order to enjoy the safest and most effective experience possible.

What Is It, Exactly?

Testosterone for sale is a very important hormone in both men and women. The testicles produce it in men for reproductive purposes. It helps in the formation of strong, functional sperm, which is necessary for the continuance of human life. The ovaries and adrenal glands produce testosterone in women, albeit in much smaller amounts, in order to build muscle mass, improve bone density, and drive the libido. Although it is a necessary hormone for health and reproductive purposes in both sexes, increasing its levels in your bloodstream beyond normal limits provides a boost in energy, stamina, and muscle growth.

Testosterone in Your Bloodstream

In both men and women, about 98% of all of the testosterone produced by the body adheres to proteins in the blood known as albumin and globulin. These proteins carry the hormone throughout the bloodstream, protect it from damage in the liver and kidneys, and make it available to the various systems in your body. The other 2% is "free testosterone", which many believe to be the percentage of the hormone available for interacting with cells other than the albumin and globulin to produce physiological changes.

Why Do People Buy Testosterone?

Today's athletes and bodybuilders often look for potent forms of testosterone in order to boost the amount of free testosterone in their bodies. Once the albumin and globulin protein receptors are full, the body stops making the hormone naturally. Thus, athletes who want more of the testosterone that can interact freely with other cells must find a way to introduce it into their bodies. For this reason, you can find testosterone for sale all over the world in various forms, each with its own inherent set of benefits. 

Anabolic Steroids and Testosterone Support

All anabolic steroids are derivatives of natural testosterone, and they bind to the very same proteins in the blood. Because of this, chemical signals lead the body to believe that there is no need to continue its natural testosterone production. Then, when the athlete chooses to end his or her steroid cycle, the levels of the hormone fall sharply. This leads to symptoms like testicular atrophy, hair loss, fatigue, and even gynecomastia. For this reason, almost every athlete who chooses anabolic steroids for performance enhancement also chooses one of the forms of "support" testosterone for sale. It maintains natural hormone levels and prevents undesirable side effects.

Four Different Variations

The first time you buy testosterone, you might be a bit confused about the various forms available. They are:

  • Testosterone Enanthate – This version, called test-E by many, is a pure, long-lasting hormone that requires injection. It is by far the most popular among athletes because of its long half-life of about 15 days.     
  • Testosterone Cypionate – This is almost identical to test-E, but it lasts about 24 hours longer than its counterpart does. Because the difference is negligible, you can use the enanthate and cypionate versions interchangeably, depending on what is available to you.
  • Testosterone Propionate – Propionate was the very first synthetic testosterone, and it is still popular today. It is fast acting with a short half-life of 48 hours, so most athletes inject it every other day in order to enjoy quick bursts of energy.
  • Testosterone Undecanoate – Finally, testosterone undecanoate is the odd man out in this list because it is the only form of the hormone available as an oral capsule. Because it is much weaker than its counterparts are, this is preferred for athletes who only want to maintain their testosterone levels during cycles rather than boost the amount of free testosterone in the bloodstream.

Although there are many types and preparations of testosterone for sale today, understanding a little about each one can help you decide which one fits your needs. In short, testosterone enanthate and cypionate offer you a smoother experience with a longer half-life; testosterone cypionate gives you a quick rush of energy and stays with you for about 48 hours; and testosterone undecanoate is perfect for maintaining natural hormone levels without additional effects.

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